Raising our Fox Red Labrador Retriever Puppies

Our Mission


At A Plus Acres Labrador Retrievers, we believe in breeding puppies that are happy and healthy! We want each of our puppies to go to a great home and to make a family very happy.  

We have years of experience when it comes to breeding labrador retrievers and have a keen understanding of what they require for a happy and healthy wellbeing. We make sure they get vet-recommended nutrition and the best attention and grooming. 

We'll work with you to determine exactly which of our adorable puppies would be best suited for you. 

Walking and Activities

Our family is dedicated to the physical wellbeing of all our puppies so that you get a puppy that is energetic, healthy, and ready to bond with your family.

Pets require regular exercise and outdoor activity to remain vital and happy. We regularly exercise and play with all our puppies to keep them healthy here in Woodburn, IN.

Feeding and Bathing

All our puppies get top-quality, vet-approved nutrition as soon as they are weaned. We use formulas specific to labrador retrievers, for optimal health and happiness. We have expertise when it comes to cleaning and dietary needs of labrador retrievers. We groom all our dogs and puppies as well, and can show you how to do so. 

A day at the farm!

5:00 AM

Breakfast time! All the dogs get their food and water changed and kennel cleaned. After eating their breakfast they usually lay back down and continue their sweet dreams.

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Play time! Everyone gets to play. The dogs have one whole field they get to play, roam, sleep, dig whatever their heart desires to do. Most days its lots of games of tug of war and I do believe they play tag a lot.

4:00 PM

Dinner time! All the dogs get their food and water changed and kennel cleaned again. They also receive their NuVet vitamin, a very important step of the day! After eating everyone gets to play ball, this is the whole families favorite part of the day! 

7:00 PM

Treat time! A bone a day keeps all tails a wagging. Everyone receives a treat and returns to their kennel for the night. They unwind, get to sleep and rest for their next big day of adventure!